Watermelon Breeze

Published June 23, 2012 by jenmatteson

You may be wondering why I am posting a watermelon breeze right after the watermelon-mint jello shots.  Where’s the variety, right?  Well, turns out when you puree half of a watermelon, you end up with quite a bit of extra juice (it might also have to do with the fact that 3 cups of the juice was replaced with gin to make jello shots…).

So I couldn’t just throw it out.  I HATE wasting food; it’s a big pet peeve of mine.  So, after our wine on Thursday (which is always wine and sweatpants night in my house), I finished off the night with this delightfully refreshing summer bevie.  You could certainly substitute another liquor for the gin, but I think the flavor of the gin pairs nicely with the mint and truly acts as a background flavor to the watermelon.  Even if you think you don’t like gin, try it first.  Really, it was difficult to taste the liquor in this one…which certainly can be dangerous.

Watermelon Breeze

Source: Pigzilla Original
Servings: 1 cocktail


2 oz gin
4-6 oz pureed watermelon with mint (process here)
1 oz soda water
lime for garnish
mint sprig for garnish


1. Fill a low ball with ice.  Pour in gin, watermelon puree, then top with splash of soda water.  Stir as desired.  Garnish with lime and mint.

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