Boozy Watermelon Pops

Published July 5, 2012 by jenmatteson

It’s watermelon season, and what better way to enjoy one of the best fruits of summer than by soaking it in a little rum.  These pops, with a little extra blue for Independence Day, were great to bring along to my girlfriend, Shannon’s, BBQ.  They were super simple to make, and you certainly don’t have to use cookie cut outs, you could easily just use triangles, as did The Shiksa in the Kitchen.

Besides the addition of the blueberries, I changed the original recipe just a tad.  I didn’t have any mint extract, but I still had mint leaves left over, so I boiled those with the simple syrup to infuse the minty flavor.  It was definitely noticeable, though I probably would have used more if I had some, but I only had about 10 leaves left.  Additionally, believe it or not, I didn’t have any white rum in my cupboards.  I had spiced rum, citrus rum, raspberry rum, and of course several other varieties of liquor.  I decided to go with the raspberry rum to add a little extra flavor to the pops.  Great choice!  You could easily omit the rum to make these child friendly, too.

Shannon handed out my pops as soon as we arrived, and everyone loved them.  I probably should mention it was 101 degrees, a holiday record for the Twin Cities, so an ice-cold boozy popsicle probably tasted like heaven, no matter what was in it.  We put them back into the freezer until long after the fireworks, and Shannon brought them out again, and it was a perfect cool sweet treat at the end of the night.

Boozy Watermelon Pops

Source: The Shiksa in the Kitchen
Servings: Makes about 30 popsicle


3/4 cup sugar
3/4 water
20 mint leaves
1 seedless watermelon
1 cup rum (I used Bacardi Black Razz)
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1 pint blueberries
30 skewers


1. In a small sauce pan, combine sugar, water, and mint leaves.  Turn heat to medium.  Once sugar is dissolved, bring to a boil for 3 minutes.  Set aside to cool completely.  This is your simple syrup.

2. Slice watermelon as desired.  To make the pops more fun, I used cookie cutters in the shape of stars for the 4th of July.  Go ahead and get creative!  Make sure they are thick enough to stay on popsicle sticks.  In a shallow baking dish, place watermelon slices in a single layer.

3. Once cooled simple syrup has cooled, add rum and lime juice.  Pour mixture over watermelon slices and let soak for up to one hour.  I flipped mine halfway through so that both sides of the watermelon could soak in the goodness.

* Looking back, a large gallon sized zip top bag would have also been a great way to soak the watermelon evenly, without having to flip them.

4. Once watermelon have soaked, place on foil lined baking sheet in a single layer.  If you would like to place a blueberry in the middle as I’ve done above, now is a good time to do so.  Cut out a small circle using a paring knife, and wedge a blueberry in the hole.  Freeze for at least one hour.  Meanwhile, thread 5-7 blueberries on your skewers.

5. Once watermelon has semi-frozen, insert skewers, and serve on a bed of ice.  Garnish with mint leaves if desired.

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