Java Stout

Published July 7, 2012 by jenmatteson

I posted a few weeks back how excited I was for this beer, and boy was I right.  This beer is so delicious!  It has a deep coffee flavor, but it doesn’t taste heavy.  We brought it to our drinking tasting (the theme was beer…yes, just beer…nothing in particular) and went head to head against 11 other beers, ours being the only homebrew.  Well guess what?  We finally won our first drink tasting (the other tasting we won with the watermelon-mint jello shots took place after this one, and was a different tasting group – in case you were wondering).

Once we finish the basement and put in the bar with taps, this will have to be one that we have all the time.  While I want everyone I know to try it and see how good it is, I’m reluctant to share it because we have such a limited quantity right now.  I suppose we’ll have to make a few more batches for back ups!  We’ve shared quite a bit of this brew, and everyone seems to love it.  I think this might be one of my favorite beers…ever.

Java Stout


4 oz Peace Coffee Nicaraguan Blend
Munton’s 6 gm dry yeast
priming sugar

8 oz chocolate malt
4 oz flaked barley
4 oz caramel 60oL
4 oz roasted barley

1/2 oz challenger
1 oz tettnang

6 lbs dark LME

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