Making the Most of Your Bell Peppers

Published July 14, 2012 by jenmatteson

I am generally very budget concious when purchasing groceries, which is probably also why I hate waste so much.  One of the best tips I’ve learned in the last few years was how to make the most of my bell peppers.  Unless you are needing perfectly cut bell pepper rings, this method is excellent for any other kind of slicing, dicing, or chopping your heart desires when using bell peppers, and the only waste is the stem, seeds, and ribs!

Making the Most of Your Bell Peppers

1. With the pepper standing, work your way around the outside in a square-like fasion and cut off the walls.  Stay close to the edge of the pepper, and not too close to the stem, you want to prevent cutting into the seeds, while making sure to cut off the ribs.

2. Turn what remains of the pepper on it’s side.  Slice off bottom flesh.  This should leave some ribs as waste.

4. Now, slice off the seeds, cutting as close to the stem as possible, but still on the inside of the pepper.

3. The stem should pop right out, leaving you with the top flesh of the pepper.

4. Now you have ribs, stem and seeds as waste, and the entire flesh of the pepper for eating.

What’s your favorite tip in the kitchen to reduce waste?

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