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Hop Scare IPA

Published October 17, 2012 by jenmatteson

I often forget to (or don’t seem to get around to) blog about our beers.  I think the problem is because there is so much waiting time between when we actually brew it, and when I can drink it and give a good honest review of the beer.

One of our more recent brews was another IPA, this time Hop Scare IPA.  I enjoyed this one far more than the Octaine IPA as it was much hoppier and tasted more like a true IPA.  When we started this one, it had been awhile since we brewed, and we sort of forgot when to take the hydrometer reading, which means that we didn’t get an exact alcohol content.  However, we’re pretty sure it’s quite high as drinking just one can get a person pretty buzzed.  Two, and you’re probably good for the evening.  My best guess is close to 12%.  Yikes!

Hop Scare IPA

Source: Midwest Supplies
Servings: Makes 5 gallons


dry yeast
priming sugar

1 lb Caravienne

.75 oz. Yakima Magnum
1 oz. Amarillo
2 oz. Cascade

6 lb Briess Gold Liquid extract
2 lb Light dried malt extract

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